Everglades Birding Festival

Everglades Birding Festival
January 19, 2020

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REGISTRATION 6:15-6:30 a.m. ($25)
Pick up your name tag, field trip workshop materials and goody bags.
Registration covers opening reception, reception dinner, daily morning mini-workshops, birding education handout materials, ALL evening programs (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), water and field trip snacks. Without preregistration, field trip availability is based on a first come, first serve basis. We will try to accommodate your choice but it is not guaranteed.

Birding mini-workshop - 6:30-6:50 a.m. - Habitat


EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK - 7 a.m. - (late return)     ($90)

Everglades National Park sign Everglades National Park is recognized as an International Biosphere and is an ecosystem unique on all Earth. It is possible on a good day to see 100 species of birds due to the incredible diversity of habitats and rarities of birds that live within the park. We will strive to see as many as possible on this amazing day. Our trip starts with a quick stop to look for Common Myna and the visitors’ center. Anhinga trail offers close views of wading birds, Purple Gallinules and Short-tailed Hawk. A picnic lunch at Long Pine Key can bring Eastern Bluebird, Brown-headed Nuthatch and Eastern Towhee. A few quick stop at Paurotis, Mrazek, and Eco-Ponds for Roseate Spoonbills, Wood Stork and much more. At Flamingo we will look on the sandbar for Black Skimmer, Reddish Egret, White Pelican, Marbled Godwit and many shorebirds. With luck Crocodiles and Manatees can be found at Flamingo. The tour will end at Lucky Hammock at dusk for Lesser Nighthawk, Great Horned, Barred, Barn and Screech Owls. Schedule may vary on tide and rare bird alerts. Cost-($90) DINNER (on your own) will be at a local Mexican restaurant-Rositas in Florida City.

Birding mini-workshop - Putting it ALL together to Maximize you Success

Roseatte Spoonbills Bald Eagles Eastern Towhee
Marbled Godwit American bittern EBF walk 1

Target Birds - Purple Gallinules, Short-tailed Hawk, Roseate Spoonbills, Wood Stork, Eastern Bluebird, Brown-headed Nuthatch, Eastern Towhee, Black Skimmer, Reddish Egret, White Pelican, Marbled Godwit, Common Myna, Lesser Nighthawk, Great Horned, Barred, Barn and Screech Owls

South Florida is one of the top ten birding destinations in the U.S. Birders can easily find 60 species in one day. But on this BIG DAY we will try to find as many species as possible by visiting the area's top birding destinations. The schedule will vary based on rare birds being seen currently and target species locations.

Everglades National Park
Everglades National Park protects an unparalleled landscape that provides important habitat for numerous rare and endangered species like the manatee, American crocodile, and the elusive Florida panther. An international treasure as well -a World Heritage Site, International Biosphere Reserve, a Wetland of International Importance, and a specially protected areas under the Cartagena Treaty. Experience Everglades National Park right in Miami's backyard. Everglades' wet sawgrass prairies, dry tropical hardwood hammocks and pinelands, mangrove swamps and Florida Bay and Gulf Coast estuaries provide habitat for a wildlife spectacle like no other.

Everglades prarie Everglades flatwoods

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